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Why do People Go Missing? People “generally” go missing to avoid someone, such as a spouse in a broken marriage, to avoid legal papers being served, avoid lawsuits, avoid bill collectors or collection agencies. There can be several reasons based on a person's circumstances. However, there are many ways to find people. Doing a People Search is often time consuming, but if the approach to find people is carried out in an organized and systematic manner the results will soon follow.

There is the possibility that someone has simply moved around, changed addresses and lost touch. People who have moved, for reasons other than those mentioned earlier, will not make a determined effort to change their identity. This makes finding People much easier.

The best ways to find a missing person is to try and establish an “Identifier.” An identifier is nothing more than personal information relating to the missing person. Such information would separate this person from many others that may have the same name attributes. It is an elimination process. Try your best to find the full name of the person you would like to locate.

There are three important Identifiers. These are “SSN, date Of birth, last known address. The newer the last known address the better.

A good start would be to lookup someone with that name, at the last known address or location, where you feel the person lived when last heard or seen. If they had any known friends, relatives or acquaintances then try to make contact with them and enquire if they could help you with some information.

People often leave a paper trail which can be useful in tracking them, such as drivers license information. You may find this information at the local or state public records. People also leave behind bills or credit information without ever realizing it. You can then try to use some of that info for further searches. Check with various utility companies if there is a person by that name that has some service provided to them. You can check with phone companies, gas, cable, electric utilities or even a gas station or repair shop that this person had frequented. Perhaps this person owned some property or assets such as a car, an apartment or some real estate which would be available for viewing in public records. These would make for great leads to Find People.

Does the missing person have a professional background or education such as a doctor, nurse, hair dresser etc. If so, they likely registered with their respective professional associations or paid membership dues. Contact the relevant office and you may obtain additional information for your search for that missing person. It is another good way to do a people search with the help of these professional organizations!

It is more difficult to trace a woman than a man as they often assume the last name of their married partner. Do a people search. A suggestion would be marriage records, divorce records or maiden name search.

Lastly, are you certain that this person is still alive ? Not sure, check with Social Security Administration and you will know if this person is deceased.

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