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Doing a Background Check and finding information about people used to be a tedious and frustrating job. The internet has changed all of this and has made the investigation process easy. You can now use our online Detective Kit and be Your Own Detective from the comfort of your home.



You are probably aware that the Internet is like an immense warehouse but instead of goods it contains " the  largest information storage base"  in the world. You may find it difficult to imagine, as to the resources we have made available to you, to dig up information on anybody and to learn the truth or facts about anyone, in a 100% legal way.  Professional Investigators use this very database to locate people and information, that they are hired to dig up on anyone. These Investigators charge Big Dollars  to do this for their clients. You can now use these same resources to be your own detective.

Learn about your business partner, friends, your doctor, your boss or just about anybody you can think of, even your new date. Conduct investigations just like a professional investigator from the comfort of your home. Dig up information about anyone, anytime. Find out about the resources available to you as a member of private detective online

Don't waste thousands of hours on the internet trying to dig up this information, when you can get it all right here. We are in business to help people like you find this information instantly without having to dig around for weeks and weeks, only to give up in frustration. We are the one stop information database that came about as a result of over 8000 hours of research to develop our members area. Use our resources now, to get the information you need without anybody knowing about your investigations.

As a member of private detective online, you will have at your disposal, databases, resources, information that professional investigators or hired Investigators use each day to uncover hidden information, that most people don't even know exists.  Yes, everything about anybody will  be at your fingertips.  You will be surprised as to the information available on anybody including yourself.

The Internet has made finding information easy. Most people  are unaware as to how much “People Information”  is available about them and in public records.  It is due to the vast Info available in databases  that has lead to problems of  identity theft. Personal information can be had on anybody using the Internet and a computer, to learn the truth about anybody.

"Thank you so much!! With your resources I located my friend who I haven't seen in 15 years! Your program is incredible and I am so happy I joined!" - Lisa Green St Louis MO


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"I used private detective online's resources to uncover a huge error in my credit file. I would have never known otherwise! Thanks! - Lee Thompson, Grand Rapids MI"

Background Check Testimonial 

"With my trucking business growing, I needed to hire another person to drive. I used private detective online's resources to check out someone before I hired them. I would never have been able to do that as fast as I did without their help! - Lawrence Jacobs Bristol TN"



I was skeptical at first but I joined in hopes of finding out information on a potential date. Boy am I glad I checked him out! He had a long criminal record and lied about himself! Thanks again! -

Louise Stamford South Bend IN

I wanted to write you to let you know about a very nice experience I have had with a membership to your site. I actually found out I was owed a lot of money from an inheritance and I would have had no idea if I didn't join! Thanks so much for helping me! - Stephen Lund Springfield MA

Incredible product... too hard to put into words... thank you so much!

Paul Reynolds San Antonio TX




Be A Detective Within Minutes!   

 Thousands Are Benefitting From This Information! So Will You !

The 100% Legal Way To Conduct Your Own Investigations!

You Will Be Amazed At The Information You Will Find!

A Comprehensive Investigation Site Used by Professional Investigators Worldwide !

 Discover Secrets And Information From Home without Anyone Ever Finding Out!

Find information On Friends, Neighbors, Your Doctor, Your Boss, a Celebrity  or Anybody from the Comfort of Your Home.


  • Find A Long Lost Relative or Friend
  • Cell Phone Number Search Tools
  • Reverse Phone & Address Search Tools
  • Access Court, County Court, & Legal Records
  • Police Reports & FBI Files
  • Check Criminal, Arrest and Felony Records
  • Social Security Number Search  and Records
  • Marriage & Divorce Records
  • Birth Certificate & Birth Records
  • Death Certificate, Probate & Death Records
  • Access Adoption Records
  • Trace Your Family History
  • Missing Persons Report
  • Access Driving & Accident Records including...
  • DUI, DWI Speeding Tickets, Drivers License Checks etc.
  • Property, Ownership & Lien Records
  • Locate Someone Who May Owe You Money
  • Complete Background Checks on Potential Employees
  • Check Out Your Daughter's new boyfriend
  • Fraud, Warrants & Alias Files
  • Military Records - Navy, Army & Air Force
  • Immigration Records
  • Child Care & Nanny Screening
  • Free Credit Reports
  • Sex Offender Records
  • Medical Record Search
  • All Vital Public Records!
  • Cell Phone Number Search Tools
  • Check Your Own or anybody’s FBI Files
  • Township Records
  • Cemetery and Funeral Records
  • Supreme,Federal,State,County Public Records
  • Inmate Locator
  • Jail or Prison Records
  • Small Claims and Judgement Records
  • Find Hidden Assets
  • Locate Deadbeat Dads
  • Employment Records and Employee History
  •  Genealogy Resources and Much More!!



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